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Post-Presort Mail.dat Editor for Intelligent Mail (IMb) and eDoc

Anchor Software introduces MailAssurety™, part of AIMS (Assurety Integrated Mailing Solution). MailAssurety is a full-featured Mail.dat on-premise and web-based editor for Full-Service Intelligent Mail that allows mailers to edit their post-presort Mail.dat files, eliminating the need to rerun the presort when changes are required.

Important Update: Effective January 26, 2014, mailers will be required to use Full-Service Intelligent Mail to qualify for automation discounts for First Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Bound Printed Matter. Although TEM testing is no longer required for Full-Service mailers using eDoc certified vendor software, mailers may still want to go through the TEM process to mitigate any potential issues and ensure a smooth transition.

MailAssurety™ allows mailers to edit their Mail.dat files in a variety of ways, giving users the ability to copy, edit, export, merge, and split Mail.dat files.

Additionally, MailAssurety has the capability to generate IMb container barcodes, print labels for multiple jobs, and verify and print label lists, providing customers with a comprehensive set of tools for handling IMb and Mail.dat files.

Additional capabilities for entry, pallets, and postage can be added with other Assurety products.

Product Info

Web based – Microsoft SQL server based - High performance post-presort data management software.

Fast Mail.dat processing.

One click editing function allows any field or file to be updated based upon templates.

Multiple editing functions to edit container and account and version data.

Complete automation of import/export and validations of Mail.dat with post import editing capability.

One time setup business decisions by facility/plant for data updates.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) are available as Windows Communication Foundation methods for exporting and deleting jobs.

Product Features

Split single Mail.dat jobs into multiple jobs by segregating into processed and unprocessed containers. Split supports both MLOCR and non-MLOCR jobs.

Merge Jobs for increasing volumes and for copalletization.

Spoilage is supported through automated upload of an IMb file or manually through postage adjustment record updates.

Validate jobs per PostalOne! requirements for preparing transportation update transaction.

Generate IM Container Barcode for pallets, trays and sacks for complete jobs; or for selected containers for Full Service mailing.

Print labels for single or multiple trays and sacks, or placards for multiple jobs at a time.

Supported Systems and Platforms

Windows 7®
Windows XP®
Windows 2008 R1 & R2 Server®
Windows 2003 Server®

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