SaaS - Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an innovative and easy-to-use “cloud computing” software implementation method that allows users to access Anchor's best-in-class software solutions via a secure internet connection. SaaS is an on-demand alternative to licensing software, yet offers all the same flexibility as an in-house solutions, without the need to install software, databases, maintain updates, or deal with computer hardware issues.

The SaaS alternative is available with all Anchor Software products.  For example, users of SaaS can perform CASS™ and NCOALink® processing, without the cost of USPS® license fees, with the same functionality and achievement of the same results, as if the software and databases were located at their facility. Anchor’s professional staff monitors and maintains the hardware, software and databases. Users can connect via the internet to their designated servers in Anchor’s secure facility 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 

Related Products

MaxCASS OS is Anchor's new CASS Certified™ solution for address correction and standardization. It includes all of the functionality of MaxCASS, with DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink®, as well as NCOALink®, ANKLink®, DSF, and RDI™ options. MaxCASS OS works on a new table driven system, so USPS updates and program upgrades are easier, and a new GUI allows users to work in a fully customizable, drag-and-drop environment. Using MaxCASS OS is an easier way to maintain the most complete, correct and current addresses possible. 


MaxMover is a USPS NCOALink certified software interface that corrects mailing lists with regularly updated change-of-address information supplied by the USPS. It is fully compliant with all USPS regulations and it permits organizations to update their mailing lists and databases in the most efficient way possible. 


MaxPresort OS is PAVE™ Gold certified. This software supports all classes of mail, is PAVE certified for palletization, and is MAC Batch certified for the USPS Manifest Mailing System for multi-weight presorts.