International Address Quality

Address Verification and Geocoding for over 240 countries

As more companies enter the global market international address quality has become an important business initiative. Businesses that previously only dealt with domestic address quality are now challenged with complex international addressing standards. Due to the complexities of international address interpretation, international address quality solutions must ensure that customer, vendor and employee data is formatted properly and multi-byte character interpretation is handled correctly. Customer information is one of the greatest assets that any company owns, and the ability to leverage address data in order to send important communications, deliver goods and services, engage in cross-border e-commerce, and market effectively in a global economy all require reliable address information.

To meet these global requirements, in addition to offering address quality products for North America (United States, Mexico, and Canada), Anchor Software offers expert systems for international address quality, providing address validation and geocoding for more than 240 countries worldwide. Anchor partners with industry leaders such as Uniserv and Loqate to provide the highest quality worldwide data.

Address quality has become front and center as a global initiative for a variety of business applications such as call center applications, Business Intelligence (BI), Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Sales Force Automation (SFA).

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