Anchor Software Partners

Uniserv is a leading supplier of Master Data & Database Management. The alliance brings to the North American market the next generation of address verification and data quality management products, for improved sales, marketing, and customer service across international markets. Uniserv provides Anchor Software with their International Data Quality products and the Uniserv SAP solution.

Loqate Inc., the definitive source of everything location, can power applications with a combination of address capture,  verification and geocoding - all for 240+ countries. Loqate corporate headquarters are in San Bruno, CA, USA. the company, founded in 2009, sells it products as components that are leveraged by software vendors, service providers, and systems integrators.


SnailWorks, located in Frederick, Maryland, is one of the leading providers of mail tracking and multi-channel direct marketing services. SnailWorks uses a web-based campaign creation portal to walk marketers through the process of building an integrated campaign. Marketers are prompted on the creative pieces they need to develop and are guided in the set-up of the business rules that the campaign will follow. The marketer provides the strategic component of the project - the creative, the value proposition and SnailWorks provides the tactical tools to coordinate and deploy it.


Window Book makes postage statement management software, delivery confirmation and manifesting systems, and automated processes that allow mailers to reduce manual labor, improve accuracy, save time, reduce postage costs, provide reports that enable management to make better decisions. Window Book users have access to the latest data on USPS rates, forms and drop ship destinations, and all of the data and software can be easily updated via the internet.

Flagship Software Ltd, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario has been providing quality software solutions, custom programming services, network, and system support since 1992. Flagship's software packages for the mailing industry are sold throughout North America and Europe.

DataMentors provides a suite of technologically advanced and customer approved data quality software solutions that help companies identify, cleanse, standardize, match, analyze, and manage business and customer information. The company's mission is to deliver a total database solution derived from a solid data quality foundation. DataMentors is an authorized reseller of software products such as (Anchor Coder) and data elements (Lat/Long).