MaxOG uses functionality from MaxPrint, Anchor’s powerful document creation and printing solution, to produce a wide variety of documents and labels using text, pictures, boxes, ovals, lines, tables, and fill patterns in any font, color, or rotation.

MaxOG enables you to create letters and name-and-address labels with Intelligent Mail® barcodes, Intelligent Mail Tray and Container Labels, and Inkjet files. 

MaxOG uses Anchor Software’s proprietary IMB Manager Technology to allow users to create Intelligent Mail barcodes for files generated by any presort or Mail.dat® product.


Document Creation

  • Create documents of any size using the WYSIWYG user interface
  • Insert Variable text into documents, frames, and labels
  • Rotate documents and labels to any degree
  • Insert images into documents and frames
  • Test design output during set-up with Print Preview
  • Add and update notes at a given document location using the new Annotation feature
  • Delete all Variables feature will allow you to delete all the variables in a project at once
  • Unlimited file size inputs: Fixed, Variable, Delimited, DBF, and ODBC
  • Draw straight lines at any weight and at any angle in solid, dashed, or dotted styles, and any color
  • Insert tables to organize information
  • Change the color of the text, border, and background of any frame or table

Label Creations

  • Create labels of any size or shape
  • Insert pictures into labels
  • Shrink to Fit - Find the largest font that will fill the area of the label horizontally and vertically
  • Vertical Expand to Fit - Reduce the amount of white space in your document

Barcodes 1D, 2D, and IMB

  • Over 50 Different 1D and 2D barcodes easily created with the barcode tool
  • Create all three types of unique Intelligent Mail Serial Numbers
  • Print Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMB) on both name-and-address labels and envelopes
  • Print current Intelligent Mail Tray Labels with the 10-digit and 24-digit barcodes