GeoCoding and Geographic Data (Rooftop, Centroid, and Premise Level)

Anchor Software offers Rooftop GeoCoding to provide highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates. Rooftop geocoding enables businesses to assign latitude and longitude (lat/long) coordinates to customer addresses, allowing organizations to understand their customers better based on location. Latitude and Longitude coordinates also allow customer and constituent information to be visualized on a digital map. Businesses can use this information to direct customers to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site location. Traditionally, most service bureaus offer lat/long coordinates based on ZIP+4®, not individual addresses. These ZIP+4 based coordinates are calculated on the center of the ZIP+4, and often weighted based on address density within the ZIP+4.

GeoCoding at the address level enhances your client and prospect lists by improving the precision of target marketing. Target marketing can help save on postage associated with broad untargeted campaigns. Precise coordinates associated with addresses help companies plan campaigns based on distance calculations, i.e. customers located closest to a store, office, or branch. Selecting customers and prospects within a given marketing area is much more efficient and cost effective. By targeting mailings based on location, organizations can also take advantage of Enhanced Courier Route Saturation discounts.

Reverse GeoCoding capabilities are also available.


Key Benefits

Improved Response Rates and Reduced Postage
Marketing to a targeted marketing area, closest to a particular office, store, or branch can greatly increase response rates. Target marketing helps eliminate non-revenue producing advertising.

Accurately Identify Municipalities and Boundaries 
Telecommunication and utility companies need to assess additional taxes for those customers in incorporated jurisdictions. Conversely, they need to assure that they are not assessing unnecessary taxes for those customers just outside of a municipality. In these cases address level GeoCoding is required in order to help identify the precise location of a customer. Insurance companies also need precise locations in order to identify flood zones and, potentially, other types of relevant boundaries.

Brand Equity
Precise location based analysis helps organizations know more about their customers, which contributes to better customer relations. The result is more long term relationships and greater brand awareness.

Increased ROI
By better understanding your customers, efficient and effective communication, and reducing the costs associated with mailing marketing material, organizations positively affect ROI though decreasing costs and/or increasing revenue.


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