360 Customer View via Golden Records 

Operating a worldwide business while maintaining close contact with local customers across all channels presents a major challenge for many companies. While most companies have large stores of data on individual customers or prospects, oftentimes this data is stored in disparate systems spread throughout various departments in the company. These data silos hinder a 360° view of the customer and inconsistencies in the data itself ‘dilute’ the customer image, resulting in sub-optimal customer service. With the Anchor’s Customer Data Hub, you always have consistent, up-to-date and readily available customer master that data that allow you to supply your operative and analytic processes with the correct partner data, thereby creating the foundations for commercial success.

The Customer Data Hub extracts and consolidates customer master data from a wide range of disparate data sources. Thanks to identity resolution, you can determine the unique identity of your customer throughout all processes and systems. The optimized data can be consolidated to a Golden Record. Individual sets of rules enable leading datasets to be automatically processed and supplemented. Synchronization of the golden record with the source systems is also possible as required. 

Web-based data stewardship interfaces help define and administer appropriate sets of rules, guidelines, work-flows and processes within the framework of data governance. For example, master datasets can be merged and master data reinstated with original elements (“unmerged”), and relationships and hierarchies can be shown. Any changes made to the master data are clearly visible and can be understood. Once a sufficient data quality level has been achieved, it can be easily maintained for the future. Appropriate rights for the respective user are allocated, setting out who can read, add, and alter differing types of data from different sources. From within the framework of an established data governance initiative, you can coordinate and control a powerful master data management based upon reliable customer master data.

Anchor’s CDH solution means that exhaustive programming, adaptation, and time-consuming software maintenance are no longer needed. The Customer Data Hub does not require complex integration projects or changes to currently existing data models. Based upon the principles of lean integration, this approach enables fast presentation of operatively pertinent results and gradual incorporation of further customer data into your CDH solution. This reduces costs, while at keeping the project itself lean and the project risk calculable. Rapid implementation of a CDH solution with high scalability and targeted behavior of data will generate a positive return on investment (ROI).



Key Features

A 360° customer view: improved level of process quality with reliable, consolidated customer master data across all areas, applications and databanks

Rapid return on investmente

A lean, cost optimized solution: fast implementation with a focused approach and standardized methods

Increased turnover from improved cross- and up-selling, optimized customer loyalty and targeted customer approach

Improved employee productivity


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