MaxCASS OS is Anchor Software’s CASS™ Certified software solution for standardizing United States Postal Service® (USPS) delivery addresses, and updating mailing lists and customer databases with the most complete, correct, and current address information available. MaxCASS OS can be used for batch processing of large mailing lists, or in real-time mode for quick address look-ups.

MaxCASS OS helps mailers achieve the lowest possible postage rates. The addition, validation, or correction of such data elements as the ZIP™, ZIP+4®, carrier route, delivery point, and eLOT® codes allow mailers to submit mailings for all possible presort discount levels. 

MaxCASS OS is available with integrated MaxMover functionality. By integrating MaxMover, Anchor Software’s certified interface for the USPS NCOALink®program, Anchor provides its USPS certified solution for address correction/standardization, and change-of-address processing in a single pass of mailing lists.

Address data quality is a key element in developing customer relationships. Address verification and validation tools are an integral part of a robust overall data governance plan, and an essential tool in today's business environment.


Key Features


MaxCASS OS with integrated DPV, LACSLink, and SuiteLink meets all the USPS requirements for validating address data at the physical delivery point level, converting addresses that have been changed by local governments or municipalities, and assuring accurate suite information for businesses. By employing DPV, LACSLink, and SuiteLink  in their processing, companies can significantly reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail, save money on wasted postage, and remain in compliance with USPS requirements.

MaxCASS OS is certified by the USPS to run on MS Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM MVS (z/OS and OS390) and VSE (z/VSE) Mainframe platforms – including CICS support.  Also available is Anchor’s unique Distributed Processing environment where multiple platforms are employed allowing for more efficient processing and faster run-times.

MaxCASS OS supports the USPS RDI™ file that identifies business addresses. This helps parcel shippers save on costly residential surcharges by having this information available to them before choosing a delivery service.

MaxCASS OS provides for appending important geographic information such as latitude and longitude, census tracts, block groups, “rooftop” information, congressional districts, and county codes.

MaxCASS OS’s reporting capabilities include all USPS-required reports, such as the PS-3553, as well as extensive user-customizable reporting capabilities.

MaxCASS OS uses a modern GUI that is fully customizable by the user. Icons and text are scalable, and backgrounds and buttons can be customized. Navigation throughout the program is enhanced with the use of sliding screens and comprehensive menus, providing for an interactive and productive environment.

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