Eliminate 97% or more of your custom programming tasks at the heart of your direct mail processing.

DoAlls provide a wide array of data enhancement and customization routines that can eliminate 97% or more of your custom programming tasks that are the heart of direct mail processing. DoAlls allow you to create a simple one-step control file to execute multiple complex tasks such as perform math calculations, sequence numbers, select/reject criteria, reformat data, match records, and much more.

Math Calculations

  • Performs Nth selects
  • Calculates check digits
  • Assigns sequential numbering
  • Calculates, adds and subtracts Julian or Gregorian dates
  • Computes math functions
  • Counts all codes
  • Upgrades dollar amounts


  • Reformats data
  • Creates salutation line
  • Converts to upper/lower case
  • Eliminates duplicates
  • Parses fields
  • Scans/validates and replaces data
  • Justifies fields
  • Converts names, address, city, state, and ZIP™ information


  • Generates constants
  • Selects and rejects constants
  • Selects and rejects according to tables and ranges
  • Matches files
  • Assigns codes
  • Re-sequences within codes
  • Creates label formats
  • Creates barcodes
  • Moves and reformats data to create different formats
  • Modifies record size
  • Changes according to tables
  • Removes unwanted characters from records

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