Simplify your data processing task with GPU from Anchor

General Purpose Utilities (GPU) provide a set of data processing tools for simplifying detailed tasks. These stand-alone utilities allow you to lower setup costs, reduce programmer intervention, and decrease turnaround time.

Print Image Processing is the procedure for extracting specified data from a spooled file, manipulating the data, and placing it back into a fixed format ready for printing. Print Image Processing allows you to personalize, reorganize, re-sequence, and add data or images to your newly formatted document. This new print image document is then ready to print to your AFP, IPDS, PCL5, or Metacode printer. By processing a spooled print image file in this manner, you can take advantage of postal savings while you customize documents.

GPU Features

  • Change variable files to fixed length or comma delimited format
  • Copy files to insert a carriage return line feed
  • Sort files into multi-up (north/south) split format
  • Attach PCX images to the end of a file
  • Split files by codes and size
  • Fast file sort utility
  • Create menus for on-site processing
  • Switch on break
  • File padder utility
  • Create a sweepstakes file, and more

Print Image Features

  • All Points Addressable printing can be used in AFP, IPDS, PCL5, and Metacode environments
  • Downloads to high-speed laser printers such as Oce, Xerox, Nipson, IBM, and others
  • Places text and images anywhere
  • Inserts graphics such as images, scanned pictures, signatures, form overlays, and more
  • Interfaces with all Anchor Software postal savings products

GPU Product Sheet


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