Manage and personalize lists quickly and easily.

MaxConvert and FileScan are a set of data processing tools that enable you to manage and personalize lists quickly and easily. Lists are often inconsistent, incomplete, or inaccurate when you receive them. MaxConvert and FileScan offer several methods to customize list output such as reviewing, correcting, standardizing, and more. These packages make subsequent mail processing steps easier.

MaxConvert Features


  • Combines various file formats into standard record layout
  • Unpacks data for translating an EBCDIC file to an ASCII file
  • Adds fields


  • Creates possessive forms of names, companies, and states
  • Genderizes data
  • Converts letter case
  • Creates salutations
  • Adds conditional statements
  • Strips and adds punctuation
  • Customization
  • Adds and subtracts dates
  • Genderizes data scans and replaces data
  • Parses names and addresses
  • Generates codes
  • Explodes abbreviations
  • Converts ZIP+4® codes
  • Assigns sequential numbering

FileScan Features

  • Performs string searches to instantly find records
  • Produces data dumps
  • Determines record lengths
  • Sets up record layouts
  • Performs quality control checks

MaxConvert & FileScan Product Sheet


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