Automate, lunch, and monitor jobs based on external events. 

PilotPro is designed to provide an easy automated way to launch jobs based on external events, such as designated trigger files placed in a directory, or set “start” times, thereby freeing up valuable IT resources, and automating production environments.

PilotPro is compatible with all Anchor products, as well as 3rd party applications, which means it can be easily implemented with no additional equipment, software, or integration effort. Users can configure, process, and track multiple jobs with confidence and ease.

PilotPro Features

  • Automate your repetitive processes
  • Set up jobs to run on multiple computers
  • View all active and completed jobs
  • Error handling capability

PilotPro Process

  • Set PilotPro to watch directories and launch jobs as soon as a new file or version appears!
  • Can run as a "service" on multiple computers over networks
  • Users and administrators can see all active or archived jobs, when runs have taken place, and what status codes were returned
  • Applications can be set to automatically restart due to system failure or wait for a new trigger

PilotPro Benefits

  • Free up valuable IT resources by automating routine processes
  • There are no hardware limitations anytime with our Client-Server Model
  • Users have the ability to monitor jobs that run successfully and those that fail, providing important information as a basis for decisions
  • Restart capabilities saves time and assures critical goals will be completed in case of system failure

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