Data Enhancement

Optimize and add data to records

Data quality and address quality are vital to the success of sales and marketing efforts. By using our software and services to improve all your customer data: mail, phone, email, geographic locations and geocoding; we’ll help you reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns by adding the missing or incomplete information to your existing database for better targeting and a greater response.

This proprietary Anchor Software solution uses an extensive database of names and addresses to correct the addresses that cannot be standardized using either MaxCASS OS and/or MegaCoder. Using unique matching techniques and programming logic, records that have not been CASS Certified™ (including not being confirmed with DPV®) can be passed against the AEP database; then, information that may be available (i.e. first name, last name, middle name, primary address, secondary address, etc) is used to correct the addresses.


Rooftop and Centroid GeoCoding provide extremely accurate latitude and longitude (lat/long) coordinates for addresses. GeoCoding allows an organization to plan and service customers better based on location. Lat/long coordinates can also be used to plot a customer location on a digital map. This information can then be used to direct customers to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site location.


LeadVerifier is a callable web service that can be accessed through existing applications to utilize data quality and data enhancement services. LeadVerifier provides USPS® address verification/correction, email appends/verification, phone appends/verification, and demographic information to help professionals confirm and better qualify leads. The data covers consumer information, business and government name and address information, and billions of consumer opt-in email records and multi-sourced demographic data.


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