Mail Preparation

Reap the benefits of postal processing discounts

In compliance with United States Postal Service (USPS) programs, Anchor Software’s postal processing solutions help mailers to improve data quality, increase deliverability and achieve the lowest possible postage rates.  These easy to use programs are designed to perform the highest level of address standardization (CASS), postal presort (PAVE), move-update processing (NCOALink), as well as provide a host of other USPS certified solutions. 

Anchor’s postal software helps mailers prepare USPS compliant mailings faster, more accurately, and easily.  Mailers increase mail deliverability and achieve the lowest postage rates by leveraging Anchor's USPS CASS, NCOALink, and PAVE certified solutions for address validation, Move Update, as well as presorting mail to the lowest possible levels of sortation prior to induction into the mail stream. Anchor’s software allows companies to significantly reduce Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail, decrease postage costs, and remain in compliance with USPS requirements.  

For more information on the USPS Link's program click here.

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