Presort Software

USPS® Certified Presort Solutions

Presort Accuracy and Validation Evaluation (PAVE™) is used by mailers to take advantage of the tremendous postage discounts offered by the USPS for presorting all classes of mail: First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service; and for all types of mail: letters, flats and parcels.


MaxPresort OS is PAVE Gold certified to support all classes of mail and is PAVE certified for palletization, as well as MAC Batch certified for the USPS Manifest Mailing System for multi-weight presorts. MaxPresort OS is easier to use, simplifies product maintenance, better supports quick implementation of Postal Service regulations, and supports Anchor Software’s open systems strategy. MaxPresort OS is a table-driven system, and has a new GUI with the latest innovations and design functions, including sliding screens, custom backgrounds, and scalable icons.



MailAssurety enables editing of Mail.dat files after initial presort operations are completed, enabling mailers to combine or split jobs, as well as account for spoilage and other issues.


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