Master Data Management

Improve data quality across your organization

Customer data is an asset that is used a variety of business functions, including outbound communication, inbound identification, and business decisions. So regardless of the data collection method—data imports, web interfaces, call center interfaces, contracts administration and accounting, sales and marketing, point-of-sale—data quality is an essential part of any operation.

Data quality and standardization software ensures the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and consolidation of the data across the whole organization. Anchor data quality solutions allow organizations to cleanse and standardize data, perform deduplication and merge/purge operations, and validate and correct addresses both in the US and internationally. Whether your business collects data through custom applications or packaged enterprise software such as SAP, Siebel-Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and, Anchor produces ERP and CRM solutions designed to provide a single, 360 degree view of customers and operations.

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