Duplicate Elimination and Identity Resolution

Identify and merge duplicate records

Whether you wish to analyze and evaluate your customer potential through a unified view; avoid errors when entering data; verify and check the plausibility of customer data or want lasting savings in mailing costs – Anchor can provide you with the solution to maximize your success.

MaxDup OS provides unparalleled duplicate elimination accuracy by using revolutionary pattern recognition techniques. MaxDup OS identifies duplicate records at an individual, household, or company level based upon specific criteria, and it consolidates data from multiple records into a single survivor record.



The International DQ Batch Suite integrates important and typical function sequences for data cleansing into a batch process. Customer data-related function blocks such as address conversion, postal validation, and GeoCoding are available as expert systems in 240+ country-specific program versions. The system supports the interactive definition of cleansing processes and the configuration of the individual processing steps via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Defined process flows can also be started and monitored via the GUI. The International DQ Batch Suite is the hub of all cleansing projects as a software-supported assistant for the definition and control of batch processes. All process definitions as well as the status of the running processes can be directly controlled via the GUI.


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