Sort huge amounts of data at extremely fast speeds!!

PowerSort is a high-speed sort utility that was developed to provide accurate and extremely fast sorting capability of large files for processing of lists and databases.

PowerSort can process an unlimited number of files and user-defined fields that can output to multiple file formats to create single or multi-output files.

PowerSort is able to organize records in ascending or descending order with multi-tiered nesting, plus any additional information defined by any groupings.

PowerSort runs under multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, and UNIX) with a lights-out option via command line mode.

For easy conversion, PowerSort is backward compatible with Anchor File Sort GPU.

PowerSort uses simple syntax that provides the user with greater control of the sorting process. It is a multi-threaded application that can take full advantage of processor type, size, and memory capabilities, with low impact on the CPU to process other jobs.

Full control of speed and resource usage!

PowerSort features multiple sort types and processing options, allowing the user to control speed and processor usage.

  • Smart – this option samples a small percentage of the data and determines which type of sort is best to perform (Quick or Heap).
  • Quick – this option sorts randomly sorted data in the fastest manner.
  • Heap – this option analyzes near sorted data to detect patterns, and increase the sort performance speed. 

Processing power options allow the operator to control how PowerSort uses computer resources. Full Power allows the application to use the system's capabilities to its fullest extent. This option can be turned OFF and the application will NOT utilize as much CPU as possible. This minimizes the use of system resources, while still sorting quickly to allow the user to perform additional tasks. The operator can also use the Logging Function, which creates a detailed log of what the performance is over the time spent in each step of the sort process for evaluation and tuning.


  • Runs under Windows, Linux, UNIX
  • Runs as an EXE (GUI) or in command line mode
  • Multi-file inputs produces a single output file
  • Accepts fixed length records file, Dbase file, CRLF-Delimited records file, Comma-delimited records file, ODBC (Excel, Access, etc.), Custom-delimited records file, SQL compatible databases, and ADO
  • Can be integrated into existing processes
  • Sort in Ascending (default) or Descending order
  • Backwards compatible with Anchor File Sort GPU
  • Does not require Layout Manager to obtain the record position.

PowerSort Product Sheet


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