Product Monitor

Monitor Processes, Create Ad-hoc reports and Dashboards

Intelligent Insight

Using the most detailed information and statistics from your connected Anchor solutions, you can create in-depth views and reports of your job processes, workflows and results. These data-driven views and reports will enable you to make better strategic business decisions.
Product Monitor Dashboard
Product Monitor is Anchor Software’s database application that captures user and run-time information, and other statistics and data from Anchor solutions. Users can create a global view of the data processed through the tracking of every Anchor solution and every job connected to the Product Monitor database.
Product Monitor:
Records statistics that are written to hardcopy reports, allowing the creating of ad-hoc reporting and process triggers.
Provides customers with a global view of their data – including tracking for every job process.
Captures Server details, such as operating system, number of cores, and processor type(s).
Provides the ability to write to MySQL, MSSQL, and SQLite.
Companies who use Product Monitor can also leverage it for internal departmental billing, where Anchor products are being used only by specific departments or divisions.
Product Monitor is backed by our world-class - 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year - technical support, which we don’t charge extra for!

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