AddressPro on Amazon Cloud, real time address validation hosted on AWS


Anchor Software’s AddressPro on the Amazon Cloud is a robust and highly scalable address quality web service solution using Anchor Software’s proven address cleansing technology. Accurate address information helps organizations better communicate with customers, constituents, prospects, employees, and partners; and, subsequently, “address quality” initiatives ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of address data across the enterprise. AddressPro represents Anchor’s most advanced, easy-to-use address quality solution to date, since it uses industry standard SOAP, XML and Rest web service technology, and provides the ability to support multiple users and/or systems simultaneously. This model allows processing threads to share database resources that are used by the address-processing engine. Additionally, AddressPro generates configurable logs that can help troubleshoot issues a user may encounter. AddressPro provides easy access to address quality wherever data is collected and shared across the organization from multiple touch points. This address data can be used for outbound communications, inbound identification, and business decisions. Data collected through data imports, web portals, call center interfaces, contract administration, accounting, marketing, points-of-sale, or other means can be seamlessly verified and cleansed via the Amazon Cloud. 


  • Performs standard USPS address verification and correction
  • SOAP/XML implementation for easy setup and intergration
  • Multi-threaded operation for resource sharing
  • Optional geocoding information



  • Internal systems working with clean data reduces the need to cleanse addresses later in the process – providing a more efficient environment
  • Address issues can be resolved at the time of entry – ensuring addresses will be accurate
  • Ensures timely customer communications due to accurate address information
  • Integrates into departmental, web, or enterprise applications
  • Easy integration with commercial off-the-shelf third-party applications



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Reverse Geocoding

Geocoding is a  system that takes an address and translates it into latitude and longitude coordinates. This location data can then be used in a number of ways, such as by plotting the location on a map, generating driving directions, determine local financial information, or even cross-reference the location with photographs taken in the area. 

Reverse geocoding is like stadard geocoding and uses some of the same databases and informationresources, it simply works in reverse. Instead of starting with an address, reverse geocoding starts with a set of coordinates, given in latitude and longitude, and ends up with an address or name of a business.

Reverse Geocoding can be used for:

  • Mapping and Directions
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Customer Retention
  • Emergency/911 Reports
  • Insurance Claims
  • Marketing Research
  • Utility Reporting
  • Social Networks



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TEST PAGE 3 International Data Quality for Over 240 Countries

Capitalize on a more accurate view of your customers with Anchor Software’s IDQS.  Through strategic partnerships, Anchor Software offers industry leading solutions in providing international address validation.

IDQS allows users to cleanse address data and provides robust functionality to match, identify duplicates, and consolidate data into a single, comprehensive customer record, providing the insights businesses need to enhance selling opportunity, customer loyalty and lifetime value. 

Anchor’s IDQS combines best-of-breed data quality functionality, to make more informed business decisions. Powerful parsing, standardization, matching algorithms, and advanced address validation tools work together allowing users to consolidate account data, eliminate redundancies, link members of the same household, and expand customer knowledge.

With Anchor’s Postal Processing, Data Quality, and Document Design systems we support our customers’ business processes in marketing, sales, customer service and call center operations, data warehousing, CRM, ERP, and e-commerce projects. In all of these areas we help companies leverage their most valuable asset, Customer and prospect information.

We offer are open system solutions that run on all major computer platforms that are available for nearly the entire world with many “expert” systems including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe. All of our software is created to be sector neutral and is therefore ideally suited for simple integration into existing or planned applications.

Anchor Software is a developer of high efficiency Data Quality and United States Postal Service® Certified address quality software products. Anchor has been in business for over 10 years, and is a recognized leader in the Address Hygiene industry.

Industry Leading Address Quality

Issues caused by incorrect or missing address information are common and often go unnoticed until problems surface. These problems occur when goods, correspondence, or mailings are undeliverable and returned to the sender.

Anchor’s IDQS offers a highly accurate solution to improve the quality of addresses. Businesses benefit from more successful marketing campaigns, reduce the costs of returned mail, and therefore increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of customer communications.

Corrected and Consolidated View

Correct and duplicate-free customer and prospect data is a requirement for successful database management. Accurate, high quality data assures successful business processes in all company departments. Reliable forecasts and reports are the basis for efficient corporate planning and management, as well as legally secure, documentable compliance. Eliminating duplicate customer and prospect records also helps establish brand equity by preventing redundant communications.

The solution applies sophisticated matching algorithms to identify potential duplicate records or relationships between records— based on names, addresses, or any other type of customer information – so you can link members of the same household to a single account, identify additional links between records by normalizing key data fields and create enhanced customer records from multiple data sources.

Address Level Geocoding

Anchor Software offers International Geocoding to provide highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates to addresses, allowing organizations to market to their customers and prospects better, based on location. Latitude and longitude coordinates also allow address location information to be visualized on a digital map. Businesses can use this information to direct customers or prospects to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site locations – helping to improve response rates and reduce postage, accurately identify customer location in relation to municipalities and boundaries and increase ROI through targeted marketing


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TEST PG 2 Address Quality

Address Verification and Validation

US and international address quality solutions

Customer addresses are a decisive link for all company relationship structures. They serve as a central instrument of consolidation, enhancement, qualification, and exchange of company-relevant and marketing-relevant information and data. The quality of that address data is the key to customer relationships, and, thus address verification and address validation tools are an absolute prerequisite for strengthened competitiveness, highest cost efficiency, and maximized ROI on all utilized systems and applications. Employing a robust data cleansing or data hygiene software solution in your overall data governance plan is essential in today's business environment.

Address Quality - U.S.

MaxCASS OS is Anchor's CASS Certified™ software for correcting and standardizing addresses. It includes Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) and Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI®) functionality, as well as LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, NCOALink®, and ANKLink®, capabilities. MaxCASS OS is the simplest way to maintain the most correct and current addresses possible.



MaxMover is a USPS NCOALink certified software interface that corrects mailing lists with regularly updated change-of-address information supplied by the USPS. It is fully compliant with all USPS® regulations and it permits organizations to update their mailing lists and databases in the most efficient way possible.


AddressPro is a robust and highly scalable address quality web service solution using Anchor Software’s proven address cleansing technology to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of address data across the enterprise.



AddressVerifier instantly verifies or corrects individual addresses in real time using the USPS ZIP+4® database. This callable Application Programming Interface (API) easily integrates into most data entry or web applications that run on virtually any hardware platform.


Anchor Coder is a callable Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into a multitude of applications and is used to verify and correct addresses in real time or via micro-batch processing.



LeadVerifier is a callable web service that can be accessed through existing applications to utilize data quality and data enhancement services. LeadVerifier provides USPS address verification/correction, email appends/verification, phone appends/verification, and demographic information to help professionals confirm and better qualify leads. The data covers consumer information, business and government name and address information, and billions of consumer opt-in email records and multi-sourced demographic data.


Address Quality - International

IDQS integrates important and typical function sequences for data cleansing into a batch process. Customer data-related function blocks such as address conversion, postal validation, and GeoCoding are available as expert systems in 240+ country-specific program versions. The system supports the interactive definition of cleansing processes and the configuration of individual processing steps via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Defined process flows can be started and monitored via the GUI. IDQS is the hub of all cleansing projects as a software-supported assistant for the definition and control of batch processes. All process definitions as well as the status of the running processes can be directly controlled via the GUI.


Post validates postal addresses using various error-tolerant algorithms and extensive reference tables to ensure that  those records with valid postal codes, street names and house numbers are used. Address validation is available for more than 240 countries worldwide.


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TEST Master Data Management

Improve data quality across your organization

Customer data is an asset that is used a variety of business functions, including outbound communication, inbound identification, and business decisions. So regardless of the data collection method—data imports, web interfaces, call center interfaces, contracts administration and accounting, sales and marketing, point-of-sale—data quality is an essential part of any operation.

Data quality and standardization software ensures the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and consolidation of the data across the whole organization. Anchor data quality solutions allow organizations to cleanse and standardize data, perform deduplication and merge/purge operations, and validate and correct addresses both in the US and internationally. Whether your business collects data through custom applications or packaged enterprise software such as SAP, Siebel-Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and, Anchor produces ERP and CRM solutions designed to provide a single, 360 degree view of customers and operations.

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Customer Data Hub

360 Customer View via Golden Records 

Operating a worldwide business while maintaining close contact with local customers across all channels presents a major challenge for many companies. While most companies have large stores of data on individual customers or prospects, oftentimes this data is stored in disparate systems spread throughout various departments in the company. These data silos hinder a 360° view of the customer and inconsistencies in the data itself ‘dilute’ the customer image, resulting in sub-optimal customer service. With the Anchor’s Customer Data Hub, you always have consistent, up-to-date and readily available customer master that data that allow you to supply your operative and analytic processes with the correct partner data, thereby creating the foundations for commercial success.

The Customer Data Hub extracts and consolidates customer master data from a wide range of disparate data sources. Thanks to identity resolution, you can determine the unique identity of your customer throughout all processes and systems. The optimized data can be consolidated to a Golden Record. Individual sets of rules enable leading datasets to be automatically processed and supplemented. Synchronization of the golden record with the source systems is also possible as required. 

Web-based data stewardship interfaces help define and administer appropriate sets of rules, guidelines, work-flows and processes within the framework of data governance. For example, master datasets can be merged and master data reinstated with original elements (“unmerged”), and relationships and hierarchies can be shown. Any changes made to the master data are clearly visible and can be understood. Once a sufficient data quality level has been achieved, it can be easily maintained for the future. Appropriate rights for the respective user are allocated, setting out who can read, add, and alter differing types of data from different sources. From within the framework of an established data governance initiative, you can coordinate and control a powerful master data management based upon reliable customer master data.

Anchor’s CDH solution means that exhaustive programming, adaptation, and time-consuming software maintenance are no longer needed. The Customer Data Hub does not require complex integration projects or changes to currently existing data models. Based upon the principles of lean integration, this approach enables fast presentation of operatively pertinent results and gradual incorporation of further customer data into your CDH solution. This reduces costs, while at keeping the project itself lean and the project risk calculable. Rapid implementation of a CDH solution with high scalability and targeted behavior of data will generate a positive return on investment (ROI).



Key Features

A 360° customer view: improved level of process quality with reliable, consolidated customer master data across all areas, applications and databanks

Rapid return on investmente

A lean, cost optimized solution: fast implementation with a focused approach and standardized methods

Increased turnover from improved cross- and up-selling, optimized customer loyalty and targeted customer approach

Improved employee productivity


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Processing Utilities

Processing Utilities

Set up and manage basic processing tasks

These tools are some of the first all-purpose software developed to easily manage complex file processes without the use of traditional programming languages. Our software allows users of moderate experience level to create the kind of data manipulation processes formerly reserved for high-level computer programmers.

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International Address Quality

Address Verification and Geocoding for over 240 countries

As more companies enter the global market international address quality has become an important business initiative. Businesses that previously only dealt with domestic address quality are now challenged with complex international addressing standards. Due to the complexities of international address interpretation, international address quality solutions must ensure that customer, vendor and employee data is formatted properly and multi-byte character interpretation is handled correctly. Customer information is one of the greatest assets that any company owns, and the ability to leverage address data in order to send important communications, deliver goods and services, engage in cross-border e-commerce, and market effectively in a global economy all require reliable address information.

To meet these global requirements, in addition to offering address quality products for North America (United States, Mexico, and Canada), Anchor Software offers expert systems for international address quality, providing address validation and geocoding for more than 240 countries worldwide. Anchor partners with industry leaders such as Uniserv and Loqate to provide the highest quality worldwide data.

Address quality has become front and center as a global initiative for a variety of business applications such as call center applications, Business Intelligence (BI), Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Sales Force Automation (SFA).

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Statement & Invoices

Statements & Invoices

Create comprehensive transactional documents

Using sophisticated technology tools to turn your statements and invoices into colorful, informative, and personalized communications; we help organizations maintain accurate billing and transaction based documents for their clients. Charts, graphs, targeted messages, colorful graphics - we can produce just about anything you can conceive of to set you apart in the eyes of your customer.

MaxPrint is a highly efficient document preparation system that provides easy design, proofing, set up, and control of high speed state-of-the-art printers with little or no specialized training. It is designed to print intricate and personalized letters to IPDS, AFP, Postscript, Metacode, PCL5 printers, or any Windows Driver, such as fax and PDF. MaxPrint also supports printing of the Intelligent Mail® barcode.



Transaction Designer is a revolutionary graphical design tool that is used for the composition of complex documents within the MaxPrint document creation environment. With Transaction Designer, users can intuitively design and configure complex statements, invoices and other transactional documents faster and easier than ever before.


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Document Design

Document Design Software Increases Response Rates for Better ROI

Create professional business documents

Increasing response rates is the most effective way of improving your direct marketing campaigns. And one of the best ways to increase responses is to produce high-impact, personalized pieces that catch your customers’ eye and pique their curiosity. Anchor Software offers a full suite of document design solutions to easily create informative, personalized direct marketing pieces, invoices and other transactional documents. Coupled with Anchors data quality and postal processing software, our document design solutions offer the ability to get the right message to the right people. 

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Customer Data Management | Dedup & Data Quality Software – Anchor Computer

Master Data Management Tools for Data Governance and Management

Leverage Big Data with Master Data Management

When duplicate customer data exists across disparate systems in large organizations, the results can have a negative impact on effective business decisions, operational efficiencies, customer retention, and new sales opportunities. A quality Master Data Management system is crucial for dealing with data across extensive enterprises, especially those with many product offerings or that have expanded through extensive series of mergers and acquisitions.

Master Data Management is a process that ensures an organization does not use multiple, inconsistent versions of the same data in different operational segments. This issue can be especially troublesome for large organizations where there could be many units tracking the same information, but all keeping that information in different formats, with varying degrees of accuracy and completeness. Through the use of a process called record linkage, the organization is able to associate different records that relate to the same entity or item.

On a small scale, deduplication processes on a single database may be enough to correct  redundant data. But in large organizations with 5, 10 or even 100 separate databases containing customer information, a quality Master Data Management system is required to manage the huge amounts of data involved.  Anchor Software’s Master Data Management system employs the most advanced technology to provide organizations with  master data , or “golden record,” on each customer.  Validating, standardizing and consolidating data across multiple systems, allows a 360º view of each customer, with accurate and complete data available to all stakeholders across the enterprise.


Master Data Management

The Customer Data Hub is Anchor Software's Master Data Management system. This software package allows organizations to  coordinate disparate data systems into a single repository. For each customer or prospect, a single "golden record" is created enabling a 360° view of the customer.


Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Optimize and add data to records

Data quality and address quality are vital to the success of sales and marketing efforts. By using our software and services to improve all your customer data: mail, phone, email, geographic locations and geocoding; we’ll help you reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns by adding the missing or incomplete information to your existing database for better targeting and a greater response.

This proprietary Anchor Software solution uses an extensive database of names and addresses to correct the addresses that cannot be standardized using either MaxCASS OS and/or MegaCoder. Using unique matching techniques and programming logic, records that have not been CASS Certified™ (including not being confirmed with DPV®) can be passed against the AEP database; then, information that may be available (i.e. first name, last name, middle name, primary address, secondary address, etc) is used to correct the addresses.


Rooftop and Centroid GeoCoding provide extremely accurate latitude and longitude (lat/long) coordinates for addresses. GeoCoding allows an organization to plan and service customers better based on location. Lat/long coordinates can also be used to plot a customer location on a digital map. This information can then be used to direct customers to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site location.


LeadVerifier is a callable web service that can be accessed through existing applications to utilize data quality and data enhancement services. LeadVerifier provides USPS® address verification/correction, email appends/verification, phone appends/verification, and demographic information to help professionals confirm and better qualify leads. The data covers consumer information, business and government name and address information, and billions of consumer opt-in email records and multi-sourced demographic data.


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