USPS adds new parcel shipment requirements for 2016

USPS adds new parcel shipment requirements for 2016


The USPS has released an overview of changes coming in 2016, and there are some important new requirements that parcel shippers will need to take note of. Beginning January 17, 2016 the USPS will be enforcing these requirements and the effect may be overlooked by many parcel shippers.

The major new requirement for shippers is the requirement that a USPS CASSTM (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified product must be used on all packages to ensure Delivery Point Validation (DPV). Parcel shippers must include DPV or be assessed a non-compliance fee. The January 2016 Release Overview document  states:


This new compliance logic will validate the delivery address received for each mail piece. The street addresses included in the Shipping Services File will be verified to insure they are Delivery Point Validated. Mailers must provide a Destination Delivery Address that validates to the 11digit DPV or the 11 Digit Delivery Point validates to the Delivery Address; this information can be provisioned in the SSF or Shipping Partner. (2.7.1)


The new rules affect Priority Mail Parcels, Priority Mail Express, Metro Post, First-Class Mail Package Service, Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight packages. Any parcel address that does not comply will be assessed a $0.20 compliance fee per package. This is in addition to the 9.5% price increase that will also go into effect in January.

For organizations that ship large numbers of packages these new fees could add up quickly. If your organization isn't employing a certified CASS software product with DPV you will need to find and deploy qualified software as soon as possible, or face the increased fees.


Information about Anchor Software's CASS Certified products can be found here, or contact an Anchor representative here for information about CASS and DPV for parcels.