3 Easy Steps to Address Quality in the Cloud

How easy is it to guarantee that the address data you have for your customers is correct? As easy as 1-2-3

Address quality in the cloud is simple with Anchor's AddressPro software hosted on Amazon Web Services. It only takes three steps to set up a real-time address correction and validation system that can be incorporated into your website, point-of-sale systems, CRM, or mobile app. Just Click, Code, and Correct!


Step One Click to Subscribe


Use your Amazon Web Services account to purchase a SaaS subscription to AddressPro through the Amazon Marketplace. Visit the AddressPro page here, then click on the "Continue" button. You won't be charged for anything just for setting up the subscription, you'll only be charged for what you use. You won't need to install or maintain any of the AddressPro software, or invest in expensive server equipment to run the software. Follow the registration process, and you'll be all set to set up AddressPro on your organizations systems.


Step Two Copy the Code from the Website

2. Code

Once you've set up your account, visit the resources section on AnchorSoftware.cloud and you can begin to integrate AddressPro into your existing systems. Simply pick the protocol you want to use such as SOAP or REST, and find the correct code. Copy the code into the appropriate part of your system, and test to make sure it works. The AnchorSoftware.cloud website has code for most integration protocols and all of the features of AddressPro.


Step Three Correct Addresses in Real Time

3. Correct

Now you're ready to start correcting the address info your customer provides, making sure it's correct before it enters your database. You won't be charged a penny until you begin using the system. You'll only be charged for each record you correct.

All maintenance on the software and hardware is done in the Amazon cloud. You don't have to worry about purchasing new equipment to set up a dedicated server, because Anchor an Amazon handle all the upgrades and maintenance. And the system will increase your available bandwidth to handle additional traffic, because the Amazon cloud system is dynamic, and adjusts itself as traffic fluctuates. 



Easy. Secure. Affordable. Anchor Software's AddressPro on the Amazon Cloud.