Keep Your Ship Steady With Anchor Software

Anchor has been steady for 20 years, help us celebrate our 20th anniversary

We know the seas are turbulent right now because we see it.  And you know it because you experience it.  How many times has your software provider been bought or sold?  How many times has its name changed?  Do you even truly know what to call it right now?  We’ve also seen the announcements about selling the company – or pieces of it – and then saying nothing was being sold.  Only to then see an entire mainstay division be sold off with an announcement about shifting focus away from mailing.  How stable and secure does that make you feel?

Anchor Software has been Anchor Software for its entire 20-year history (yep – we’re celebrating an anniversary this year!).  We’re proud to say we’ve had the same owner for that entire time.  And with the November 2017 promotion of Ted Matthews (a 20-year veteran of Anchor), we’re only on our 2nd President.  Over half our current staff has also been here the entire 20 years – with others very close to that mark themselves.  If you look up “stable” in the dictionary, you’re going to see an Anchor logo there!

So, if you feel your ship rocking a bit too much for your liking, give Anchor a call and find out how we can help you steady things out. 

We offer a full suite of USPS®-certified software for address hygiene, move update and presorting along with tried-and-true solutions for data management, duplicate elimination and high-speed/high-volume printing.  Our software runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux and IBM Mainframe z/OS platforms.  (yes, mainframers – you do have a choice!)  We were also the first software provider to offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which currently processes over 100 billion records every year at 99.5% availability. AND – we offer 24x7x365 Technical Support at no additional cost!

Now, we know making a switch to a new software partner can be somewhat nerve-wracking, but we’ve been specializing in converting people for 20 years, and our veteran team of professionals will do everything we can to make your transition “smooth sailing.”

Take your first step towards calmer waters by contacting Anchor Software at 1-800-237-1921. 

Bon Voyage!

- Anchor Software