Anchor Introduces Rooftop Geocoding Services



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Anchor Introduces Rooftop Geocoding Services

Atlantic City, New Jersey – May 11, 2010 – ANCHOR SOFTWARE, LLC, a leading provider of data processing software for postal processing, data quality, direct marketing and document design, has announced the release of its new Rooftop Geocoding capabilities to help businesses increase revenue by marketing more effectively and better understanding their customers through location based analysis.

Rooftop enables businesses to assign latitude longitude (lat/long) coordinates to customer addresses. Latitude and Longitude coordinates also allow customer and constituent information to be visualized on a digital map. Businesses can use this information to direct customers to the nearest service point, enhance routing and delivery, and plan site locations. Geocoding at the address level enhances client and prospect lists by improving the precision of target marketing.

“The ability to create targeted direct mail campaigns based on location proximity is an important part of successful direct mail campaigns, and we are excited about providing this solution to our customers”, said Gary Siegel, President of Anchor Software.

Rooftop Geocoding, is available in three delivery modes, 1) through MaxCASS, Anchor Software’s CASS CertifiedTM solution for United States Postal Service® (USPS®) delivery addresses, 2) as a batch processing service, or 3) through SaaS.

About Anchor Software:

ANCHOR SOFTWARE, LLC, based in Plano, Texas, is a leading provider of data processing software for the direct marketing industry. For additional information, please visit the Anchor Software website at, call 800-237-1921, or email

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