Anchor Software Announces the Release of AddressPro




Anthony Aruldoss

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Anchor Software Announces the Release of AddressPro 

Anchor Software is pleased to announce the release of AddressPro,

Anchor Software's next generation address quality software solution. AddressPro is the newest addition to Anchor Software's portfolio of address quality software, and utilizes Anchor’s proven address hygiene technology for industry-standard real-time address correction.  

Anchor Software’s AddressPro is a robust and highly scalable web service and represents Anchor’s most advanced, easy-to-use address quality solution to date. AddressPro uses industry standard SOAP/XML web service technology that allows for a simplified interface between existing systems and AddressPro. Thus, it provides the ability for organizations to have multiple users and/or systems perform simultaneous address verification lookups in real-time. This software is available for in-house installations or SaaS environments, and provides users access to an unprecedented amount of information that helps organizations better communicate with customers, constituents, prospects, employees, and partners.

"The release of AddressPro demonstrates Anchor’s dedication to providing solutions that allow organizations to leverage the latest technology while using best-of-breed software" said Anthony Aruldoss, Director of Product Management and USPS Affairs for Anchor Software.

About Anchor Software:

ANCHOR SOFTWARE, LLC, based in Plano, Texas, is a leading provider of data processing software for the direct marketing industry. For additional information, please visit the Anchor Software website at, call 800-237-1921, or email

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