Anchor Software’s AddressPro on the Amazon Cloud is a robust and highly scalable address quality web service solution using Anchor Software’s proven address cleansing technology. Accurate address information helps organizations better communicate with customers, constituents, prospects, employees, and partners; and, subsequently, “address quality” initiatives ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of address data across the enterprise. AddressPro represents Anchor’s most advanced, easy-to-use address quality solution to date, since it uses industry standard SOAP, XML and Rest web service technology, and provides the ability to support multiple users and/or systems simultaneously. This model allows processing threads to share database resources that are used by the address-processing engine. Additionally, AddressPro generates configurable logs that can help troubleshoot issues a user may encounter. AddressPro provides easy access to address quality wherever data is collected and shared across the organization from multiple touch points. This address data can be used for outbound communications, inbound identification, and business decisions. Data collected through data imports, web portals, call center interfaces, contract administration, accounting, marketing, points-of-sale, or other means can be seamlessly verified and cleansed via the Amazon Cloud.


  • Performs standard USPS address verification and correction
  • SOAP/XML implementation for easy setup and intergration
  • Multi-threaded operation for resource sharing
  • Optional geocoding information



  • Internal systems working with clean data reduces the need to cleanse addresses later in the process – providing a more efficient environment
  • Address issues can be resolved at the time of entry – ensuring addresses will be accurate
  • Ensures timely customer communications due to accurate address information
  • Integrates into departmental, web, or enterprise applications
  • Easy integration with commercial off-the-shelf third-party applications


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