Snailworks Mail Tracking for Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode®

Mail tracking has for years provided valuable benefits to direct marketers. Mail Tracking offers advantages that go far beyond simply knowing where mail pieces are in the mailstream. Mail Tracking turns your tracking data into action.
Mail Tracking delivers services that makes managing complex data a snap, provides reporting that lets you know exactly when mail is being delivered and when/where it is in the custody of the USPS® and allows you to build a plan that coordinates the deployment of a broad range of marketing messages with mail pieces for maximum message/offer reinforcement. Mail Tracking gives you the essential tools for tracking every piece of mail and makes your multi-channel marketing programs easy, highly effective and profitable.

Extensive Capabilities

  • Outbound mail tracking and reporting
  • Reporting available by first scan, last scan, and delivery date
  • Drillable reports from a national view to a single piece
  • Multi-version projects supported
  • Inbound/reply mail tracking and reporting
  • Create daily trigger files from your tracking data to deploy coordinated emails, telemarketing, and more
  • Trigger files coordinate with other SnailWorks services or with your own providers
  • Forwarded and Returned Mail reports let you know not only when your mail is delivered, but where
  • Single Source ACS management and reporting
  • Full-Service Service Type ID support

Easy to Use

  • Creating jobs couldn’t be simpler. Create a job and upload online —if you need assistance, our customer support team is available to help you every step of the way. Batch job creation is available for high-volume mailers – no interruption to your production flow.
  • The Dashboard is web-based so you can view and download reports anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Look up individual mail pieces by multiple criteria
  • Download reports, select from pdf, HTML or Excel

Easy to Use, Extensive Capabilities, More Than Reporting – Action



Snailworks Mail Tracking Product Sheet


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